Establishing & Growing Your Psychotherapy Individual/Group Private Practice
Therapists often seek a private practice consultant to discuss topics such as:
• Identifying Your Ideal Clients
• Developing Policies & Procedures
• Developing Practice Forms
• Time Management & Scheduling Clients
• Client Records Management
• Creating & Working Your Marketing Plan
• Turning Consultations into Clients
• Financial Management
• Writing Your Business Plan
• When & How to Outsource
• Individual & Group Private Practice Set Up
• Online Presence (e.g., Website, Social Media)

Navigating the California Board of Behavioral Sciences
Therapists often consult about the BBS requirements and processes for:
• Law & Ethics Exam
• Clinical Exam
• Trainees
• Registered Associates
• Licensees
• Supervisors
• Continuing Education

Consult about private practice Preparation, navigating the California BBS licensing process, and exam prep at Parks & Powers Psychotherapy

My grad school experience was amazing in preparing me for working with clients. But, it didn’t teach me anything about how to have a thriving practice. I wanted a practice where I could both work with the clients I’m passionate about helping and be financially successful. And navigating the whole supervised experience, exam, and licensing process with BBS to even get to the point where I could open a private practice? Yeah, no help there.

Thankfully, I grew up working in a family of chiropractors in private practice. I also spent many years in hospitality management. These work experiences gave me the basic knowledge needed for the business side of practice. After finishing grad school, I completed additional college courses in accounting and business management.

I’ve been told that I’m a bit of a *rare bird* because I enjoy splitting my work about 50/50 between people vs. paperwork. I love numbers, organizing, planning, teaching, and clients! So, it was a natural fit for me to launch into training therapists as a Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Trainer, and Business Consultant while seeing clients in private practice.

I would love the opportunity to help you on your professional journey!

Danae Powers, MS, LMFT, MFT, IMFT