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Nadia Denise Solis, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LCSW #119333

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Languages: English, Spanish


• PTSD, Complex Trauma, and Generational Trauma
• Anxiety
• Mind/Body (Somatic) Healing
• Life Transitions and Daily Stressors
• Personal Growth
• First-Generation Women
• Eating Disorders and Body Image


Individual Sessions
For adults ages 18/+

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• Alabama*
• Arizona*
• California
• Colorado*
• Connecticut*
• Other countries*

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 12 years of experience as a mental health professional, working mostly with youth, young adults, and families. My passion comes from my personal experience as a first-generation, Mexican-American woman. From a young age, I knew my strengths were a natural fit in providing healing work.

I started my career as a youth mentor and crisis residential counselor for young adults in under-resourced communities. I then transitioned to community-based setting providing support groups, therapy and crisis stabilization services to youth and families from various walks of life. I also have a background in medical social work and social justice advocacy. Currently, I provide therapy and coaching where I can extend support to a broader community.

As the first person in my family to attend and graduate college, I understand the complexities in what feels like figuring life out on your own and finding community along the way. I’ve gained resiliency in breaking cycles to make my own path while honoring my identity, culture, and values.

In my free time, I enjoy watching comedy, drinking a cup of comforting tea, and immersing myself in nature and new experiences. I also value time spent with family, friends, and my playful xolo dog.

How I Can Help
I’m passionate in working with individuals. My approach is eclectic, meaning I borrow from various trainings and interventions to best suit your current needs. Generally, sessions can vary between conversational, structured, and/or activity-based, depending on your preference. I have training, skills, and education ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-resiliency model, mind/body (somatic) regulation, crisis stabilization, to mindfulness.

What’s the Process?

The first call:
Finding the right therapist can be the most daunting part of this journey. There’s plenty out there but finding a good fit can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. And the idea of being vulnerable to a stranger who you’re not sure can truly understand and hold space for your experiences can be uneasy. Maybe this is your first time, have had bad experiences, or unable to continue seeing your previous therapist. Either way, I’m here for you.

To alleviate some stress in this stage, I offer a free consultation (up to 15 minutes) where you would share your current areas of concern and desired purpose for therapy. My goal during this call is not to pressure you to commit, but for us to determine if I’d be a good match to address your needs. If we are, then you are able to move forward in scheduling your intake appointment. If it turns out that we aren’t a good match, I will provide feedback on how to navigate finding another therapist based on what you shared. My intention is that you ultimately find a provider who is a great fit.

The first appointment:
In our first appointment, I will provide an intake assessment to expand on what you initially shared in the consultation call and what you’ve provided in your completed intake forms. It’s not uncommon at this stage to be fuzzy about how to make sense of what you’re going through or what you want to do about it. My job is to listen, gather details on your history and background, and provide clarity on what this journey would look like. You are the expert of your life and respecting your needs, wants, and values in this process is of upmost importance. We will initially agree on the frequency of treatment and later we’ll collaborate to identify your goals. I generally offer weekly or bi-weekly appointments and reduce the number of sessions as you gain confidence and make progress in your goals.

Final Phase of Therapy:
My goal is never keep you in therapy unnecessarily. I am in your corner and am motivated by supporting you to reach your goals. Please keep in mind you are never obligated to remain in therapy and you can choose to end at any time for any reason.

Throughout our time together, I will check in with you to see how you’re feeling about our pace and progress. As your initial concerns begin to resolve, you may feel ready to address other areas in your life. This means we may shift focus to create new goals and continue strengthening your personal growth. For some, resolving the initial concern is the main objective and finding resolution means that they are ready to end treatment. This is an exciting stage to celebrate your success and hard work of transformation. I also understand chapters coming to an end can bring up complex feelings and will support you to process this transition. We will reflect on the strengths and skills that brought you to making progress and prepare a plan of support should the need arise. My role in this phase is to equip you with the tools, information, and resources you need to confidently trust your innate wisdom and support systems as we complete our time together.

After you end therapy, you may encounter new life transitions that brings up “old stuff” or face new challenges and concerns. My door will remain open to you should you feel the need for a one-time “booster” session or choose to resume regular sessions.


• Master of Social Work