Dr. Shawntres Parks, PhD, LMFT Co-founder of Parks & Powers Psychotherapy, Telehealth Therapy in Alabama, Telehealth Therapy in Arizona, Telehealth Therapy in California, Telehealth Therapy in Colorado
Dr. Shawntres Ann Parks, PhD, LMFT
Co-founder of Parks & Powers
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT #95741

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I am a CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, Clinical Supervisor, and Educator. I am also a PhD with research experience in the areas of sexual trauma and post traumatic growth. My desire to create an opportunity for people to find their best therapy-fit, and to create a superior training experience for therapists, led me to collaborate with fellow Clinician Danae Powers, MS, LMFT, MFT, IMFT in starting Parks & Powers Psychotherapy.

I see therapy as a way to create meaningful change in your life by shifting how you understand the things that happen to you and within you. Therapy is the space where you can be accepted unconditionally and experience a feeling of safety that provides you with the security that you need to take those courageous steps to grow.

My Therapy Approach

I use mind/body integrated and transpersonal approaches to therapy. I approach therapy from an Afrocentric perspective- this means that I see the overriding focus of life and, indeed the goal of the mentally healthy person, is to be in harmony with the forces of life. When we are in harmony with our mind, body, and spirit, we experience alignment from within (immanent) and from without (transcendent). I have extensive training and experience that I apply toward helping folx recover from sex, love, and relationship trauma as well as oppression-based traumas. I love partnering with BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, and People of Color] and LGBTQIA+ folx in therapy, and work to create a safe space for ALL people. My approach in therapy honors your decisions and choices throughout the therapeutic process and allows you to be an active participant co-leading treatment.

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