Parks & Powers is not “just a job” – we’re a “private practice residency.” We offer private practice therapist jobs that launch careers.

Let us know how you’re ready to craft the private practice of your dreams! Be sure to tell us how amazing you are and why you’d be a great fit for us and us for you!

If you believe we’re a great fit for each other, please complete our Online Application.

Apply online for private practice therapist jobs in California with Parks & Powers Psychotherapy.

After submitting your application, you will receive an email from us within 1 business week. This email will tell you if we want to schedule a first interview for you with one of our partners.

After your first interview, we’ll email you within 1 business week. This email will tell you if we want to schedule a second interview for you with both of our partners. If we decide not to offer you a position, this email will also provide you with our feedback.

When we think you’re a great fit, we’ll email to you a Conditional Offer of Employment within 1 business week of your second interview. Upon accepting, you’ll start learning how private practice therapist jobs with us can set you up for private practice success.

You can expect to spend your first week getting to know our systems and learning some private practice basics. Then, you’re ready for your first consultation appointments and new clients. You’ll attend weekly supervision/consultation group and monthly team meetings to help you provide excellent client care. And, each week, you’ll complete assigned training materials to learn and practice the in’s and out’s of private practice.